Kirinčić Cellars

Wine label inspired by Croatian heritage.


We’ve created a label based around an attractive illustration pergola scene. The shield design was inspired by the coat of arms of Dalmatia and Slavonia. Included with the Croat checker pattern.

Regarding the morphology of the shield we decided to work with lines, responding to the connection between Croatian heritage. We wanted to reflect the origins of the maker, since the taste of the grape blends between a traditional European flavor and the freshness and modernity of Croatia.

All print pieces printed at Graphic Arts Studio. This was a project worked on and completed at All Day Dreaming.

KCellers-02 101
KCellers-03 101
KCellers-09 101
KCellers-10 101
KCellers-11 101
KCellers-12 101


Kirinčić Cellars goes far beyond a great wine. They work to bring traditional winemaking to the community, family and friends-by education, fundraising, events, and leading by example in the spirit of social good.



Branding, Illustrator, Art Director

(Graphic Designer)

Christian Ortiz


Mike Ando

(Send Off)


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